Learn the perfect pedal stroke and increase your power output dramatically like Top Pro’s Ivan Basso, George Hincappi, Christoph Sauser, Conrad Stoltz and Raynard Tissink have.

Powercranks now available in South Africa

from Official Supplier


Barry Pauw: 082 466 2759 or barry@powercranks.co.za

A revolutionary approach to athletic training

If you are an athlete and your sport depends upon your legs for speed and power, PowerCranks™ will guarantee you substantially improved performance. If you are a time constrained weekend warrior or non-athlete PowerCranks™ will guarantee you substantially improved benefit for the same amount of time exercising. If you are injured, PowerCranks™ force the optimum rehabilitation possible of the injured leg. PowerCranks™ is the first (and only) device available that actually trains the major hip flexor and hamstring muscles as aerobic power machines while, at the same time, improving unconscious coordination ability.

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